My Simple Extract Lager Review

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My Simple Extract Lager Review

Postby Scott » Wed 27 Mar, 2013 12:31 am

So I just wrote up the recipe for this. As ever I've actually dipped into the stash FAR too early. At this moment I'm only actually 2 weeks into the "warm" bottling stage, a lot longer is required due to the temps being so low, approx 15 degrees.

Anyway, I couldn't help myself so I went up and nicked a bottle. As expected it's a fair ways from being carbonated properly... but.. the beer..... OH MAN the beer!!

It's absolutely fantastic. I honestly can't believe how good this stuff is and I've come to the sudden realisation of just how good homebrew lager can be when it's done properly.

I'm the first person to admit it's not perfect. It needs more hops and it needs more time to carbonate. Other than that, this stuff is premium!

Strength - OG 1.047, FG 1.008 (My hydrometer reads 3 points high so subtract 3 for actual) ABV 5.1% before priming sugar or 5.45% in the bottle.... yummy :D
Mouthfeel - fantastic. Other than the lack of carbonation it's exactly like it should be. Heavier than a watered down lager, but light enough to leave no doubt about it being a lager.
Flavour- Amazing lager flavour, very very light fruity tone, almost cerveza like, which will be down to pitching at 20 before lowering the temps. It's so light and refreshing though.
Clarity - It doesn't get any clearer than this.
Colour - Lovely amber/straw colour. Looks exactly like a pils/lager should.

I am absolutely over the moon with this. Anyone who enjoys lager and wants to dabble with extract should DEFINITELY start here. If you are used to proper hops then definitely double the hops I used, if you are used to the commercial brews then it's just about bob on for bitter.

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